Jewellery Making Course

Have you ever wanted to create your own jewels?


I'd love to share with you the main traditional and contemporary techniques to create your unique pieces and collections.

You can choose to attend a workshop, short courses or the complete course according to your needs.

No experience or creative knowledge is required, just a little bit of enthusiasm and positivity! :)


The number of participants is limited.

The labs are available in my studio in Milano (by appointment)

Via Bassini 49 - Milano

c/o Ideamondo Associazione

For more details: 

Sabrina: +39 339 877 45 95 - VIA WHATSAPP

Workshops & Classes

Create your Ring!


Join this workshop to create your 1st ring for you or as a nice present for someone you love! :)

Easy Soldering!


Join this course to quickly learn silver soldering by working on 3 projects:

rings and earrings.

Create your engagement rings


Do you want to create your personal engagement or friendship bands? This workshop may be ideal for You! <3 

5 Jewels

INTENSIVE COURSE - 12h (3h/lesson)

Ideal if you're passionate about jewellery making

and you want to learn quickly! Yes, You can! :)

Projects: Pendant - Ring - Earrings - 

Pendant with Stone - Bracelet

Wax Modelling


You will experiment the wax modelling and carving techniques, creating several models of rings and pendants.

Jewellery Making Course

COMPLETE COURSE - 144h (from 6 to 12 months)

You will experiment the traditional and contemporary techniques to create several models of rings, earrings, pendants and more complex pieces such as bezels, prong settings etc + wax modelling techniques.

Individual/Evening Lessons

Private/personalised lessons are available

(in Milano and Alessandria)

I laboratori sono disponibili su appuntamento e in base alla disponibilità a:



Via Bassini 49 - Milano

c/o Ideamondo Associazione



Istituto di Moda Professionale Alessandria di Derro Elena

Corso Roma 110- Alessandria



+39 339 877 45 95 - WhatsApp

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